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Celebrities’ Top 10 Golf and Spa Destinations – Will Smith and Jada Pinket-Smith

The Star-Studded Smiths: Work Hard, Party Hard

If you hear of a new movie coming out with Will Smith or any member of his family in it these days, chances are that there is that tingling sensation inside of you to go see it as soon as it’s out – that is if you are a fan of course. Take for instant, the recently released Karate Kid with his son Jaden; that attracted quite a number of people, right? That is, without a doubt, simply due to the influence the guy and his family have had on a number of peoples’ lives. For that reason, Will and his family can be described as star-studded which means when they earn, they earn big – and of course, when they holiday, they holiday big too.

Hawaii: A Preferred Destination for the Smiths

One of the many places Will Smith and Jada, love to spend their holiday with friends and family is, where else but, Hawaii. That said, Hawaii, is by far one of the most popular destinations for top class celebrities and other high earners. The place is known for its luxurious beaches, great golf and spa hotels, beautiful scenic views, calm and peaceful surroundings and a whole lot more for anyone with any size budget to enjoy.

Will Smith and Jada Pinket-Smith in Hawaii

Credit: popsugar

Photo: Will Smith and Jada Pinket-Smith in Hawaii

Check out Will and his family in their Hawaii holiday spot in the images above. In the photo, Jada is seen with her wetsuit half way off to reveal her bright yellow string bikini while talking to her husband Smith and in the other Will is seen having a fun laugh with a friend on a Hawaiian beach. Like many other families, Will and his family deserve the holiday seeing the amount of work they all put in to keep movie lovers entertained all year round.

Will: Top Class Actor and Golf Lover

What a life you say right? Of course, they deserve their time away and if you work as hard as they do, you surely deserve your own fair share too. During some of these vacations, Will enjoys taking time out to enjoy one other thing he so much has interest in: golf. Below is a picture of him looking more like a professional golfer than the top class actor he is.

Will Smith Playing Golf in Hawaii

Credit: zimbio

Photo: Will Smith Playing Golf in Hawaii

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