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Celebrities’ Top 10 Golf and Spa Destinations – JayZ and Beyonce Knowles

Want to know more about what luxurious destinations your favourite celebrities spend the most of their holidays? In this post you will discover two of JayZ and Beyonce Knowles’s top class, secret holiday hideouts.

Two of The World’s Top Entertainment Earners

Before we go any further, here is a quick introduction to the star couple for those who are not already familiar with them. JayZ is one of the biggest names in rap music and, his wife, Beyonce Knowles is an equally big name in the pop music industry. The two are one of the world’s top entertainment earners. Hence, it should not surprise anyone if both are spotted holidaying in some of the world’s most luxurious golf and spa holiday destinations.

St Barts, French West Indies, Caribbean

Bearing that in mind, the pop icon and her hubby have been seen several times relaxing in places including France, the Caribbean, Italy, Hawaii, and you name it. In the image of the couple (below) taken during one of the couple’s Caribbean Island holiday, both are seen in what looks like they are giving out orders to a chef or an attendant on their private yacht. The second is a capture of them chilling and chatting their time away moments later.

JayZ and Beyonce Knowles on Their Private Yacht near St Barts Island

JayZ and Beyonce Knowles on Their Private Yacht near St Barts Island 2

Credit: buzznet

Photos: JayZ and Beyonce Knowles on Their Private Yacht near St Barts Island

St. Tropez, France

Another preferred destination for the super couple is St. Tropez in the South of France where they both spent some time. It is starting to look like there is ever a holiday destination where the two don’t take their toy – private yacht.  They also love the beautiful island of Anguilla. In the image below, both are spotted walking along the beach in Anguilla, known for its attractive golf and spa hotels and celebrity and high earners luring features.

JayZ and Beyonce Knowles at St. Tropez Island in France

Photo: JayZ and Beyonce Knowles at St. Tropez Island in France

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Celebrities’ Top 10 Golf and Spa Destinations – Will Smith and Jada Pinket-Smith

The Star-Studded Smiths: Work Hard, Party Hard

If you hear of a new movie coming out with Will Smith or any member of his family in it these days, chances are that there is that tingling sensation inside of you to go see it as soon as it’s out – that is if you are a fan of course. Take for instant, the recently released Karate Kid with his son Jaden; that attracted quite a number of people, right? That is, without a doubt, simply due to the influence the guy and his family have had on a number of peoples’ lives. For that reason, Will and his family can be described as star-studded which means when they earn, they earn big – and of course, when they holiday, they holiday big too.

Hawaii: A Preferred Destination for the Smiths

One of the many places Will Smith and Jada, love to spend their holiday with friends and family is, where else but, Hawaii. That said, Hawaii, is by far one of the most popular destinations for top class celebrities and other high earners. The place is known for its luxurious beaches, great golf and spa hotels, beautiful scenic views, calm and peaceful surroundings and a whole lot more for anyone with any size budget to enjoy.

Will Smith and Jada Pinket-Smith in Hawaii

Credit: popsugar

Photo: Will Smith and Jada Pinket-Smith in Hawaii

Check out Will and his family in their Hawaii holiday spot in the images above. In the photo, Jada is seen with her wetsuit half way off to reveal her bright yellow string bikini while talking to her husband Smith and in the other Will is seen having a fun laugh with a friend on a Hawaiian beach. Like many other families, Will and his family deserve the holiday seeing the amount of work they all put in to keep movie lovers entertained all year round.

Will: Top Class Actor and Golf Lover

What a life you say right? Of course, they deserve their time away and if you work as hard as they do, you surely deserve your own fair share too. During some of these vacations, Will enjoys taking time out to enjoy one other thing he so much has interest in: golf. Below is a picture of him looking more like a professional golfer than the top class actor he is.

Will Smith Playing Golf in Hawaii

Credit: zimbio

Photo: Will Smith Playing Golf in Hawaii

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Celebrities’ Top 10 Golf and Spa Destinations – Sir Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey

Where do celebrities go when they need a bit of R&R?

When high flying celebrities make movies, they sure hope it will turn out to be a blockbuster hit. And after they are done working really hard in all areas of their lives all year round, they hit their favourite golf and spa destinations and they hit it in style.  Movie actors and music super stars aside, what about the high earning individuals like Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates and all? You bet they holiday in even bigger style.

So, where do this hard working people go to cool off? Here are a couple of them and they most desired spot:

Necker Island, Honolulu

First is Sir Richard Branson’s privately owned island called Necker Island – in the Caribbean; an island he bought a little over 25 years ago.  The island is completely secluded with 74 acres of paradise surrounded by nothing but beautiful crystal clear waters. This business mogul treasures this island as one of his most priced assets and has been spotted on several occasions holidaying there.

Talk about golf and spa destinations and you could see that Branson could easily go to countless of them anytime and in whatever part of the world he wanted. Check out the shot of him riding the waves in the island with a bare naked supermodel on his back. The picture was taken by photographer Stephane Gautronneau while his girlfriend, Denni Parkinson, rode on Branson’s back.

Richard Branson kite surfing With Denni Parkinson on his back in Necker Island


Photo: Richard Branson kite surfing With Denni Parkinson on his back in Necker Island.

Portofino, Italy

OK, what about those who can’t afford to buy (or just won’t want to own) own an island? Where would they rather go for their own world class golf and spa holiday experience? That is a bit of a silly question isn’t it? – Especially knowing that there are countless other holiday destinations available out there depending on preference.

For example in the image below, daytime television queen Oprah Winfrey and her good old best friend Gayle King (gold hair, backing the camera) were spotted taking some time off in Portofino, Italy with actor/writer Tyler Perry a little while ago. I bet is class beyond imagination to completely understand what it will be like to be in Oprah’s inner-circle!

Oprah Winfrey, Gayle King and Tyler Perry in Portofino Italy

Photo: Oprah Winfrey, Gayle King and Tyler Perry in Portofino, Italy

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About Golf And Spa Vacations Expedia

Golf And Spa Vacations

Can’t decide between a golf trip and a spa retreat? Don’t compromise on your vacation—get everything you want at a golf and spa resort. While golfers work their way from tee to tee, spa-lovers can go from massage to facial. And in your spare time, enjoy gourmet dining, entertainment, nightlife, and much more.

Top 10 Golf And Spa Resorts

You know that blissed-out feeling you get after a really great spa treatment? We’ve got ten ways to get it. Whether you crave an exotic tropical oasis, a sophisticated urban retreat, or a mystical desert sanctuary, look no further for the spa of your dreams.

Grand Hyatt KauaiKauai, Hawaii
Grand Hyatt Kauai
There’s no ignoring your tropical latitude at the Anara Spa at the Hyatt Regency, where treatments include a Honey-Ginger Body Masque and Plush Papaya Body Polish. Thirsty? Try the spa’s own Shipwreck Zinger, an invigorating blend of carrot, apple, and ginger juice.
Hotel details

Ayana Resort and SpaBali
Ayana Resort and Spa
Want to be royalty for a day? Indulge in the Javanese Lulur, a body masque and scrub originally designed for a native princess, followed by a flower-scented bath. Get a true taste of the Orient at this exotic spa, which surrounds the world’s largest seawater therapy pool.
Hotel details

Mauna Lani Bay HotelBig Island, Hawaii
Mauna Lani Bay Hotel
At the Mauna Lani, native treatments go modern: Hawaiian lomilomi (a traditional massage technique) accompanies hula music, and ancient opu huli soothes modern jetlag. For the total tropical experience, schedule your service in a traditional hale (hut).
Hotel details

The OrientalBangkok
The Oriental
Seeking the finest in pampering? Then head to this spa, often voted the world’s best. Enjoy luxurious Western-style treatments amid priceless Eastern antiques. Or try Thai massage, where you’re guided through yoga-like stretches while wearing Siamese pajamas.
Hotel details

Fairmont Chateau WhistlerBritish Columbia
Fairmont Chateau Whistler
Expect to emerge refreshed from the Vida Wellness Spa, where therapists focus on holistic healing. Though the atmosphere is pure Canadian luxe, treatments lean toward the exotic: The Utvartana massage uses Indian-style Ayurveda powder in lieu of oil.
Hotel details

The BreakersPalm Beach, Florida
The Breakers
Birds fly to Florida every winter to renew themselves … why not you? This legendary resort’s spa menu focuses on rejuvenation. Try the Imperial Massage, where you’ll be surrounded by a 150-year-old fragrance created for the Empress Eugenie.
Hotel details

The Pacific islands are the inspiration at this spa, which offers treatments based on traditional healing practices from places like Samoa, Tahiti, and Hawaii. Choose from several types of massage, as well as facials and body treatments that feature scents such as hibiscus and papaya.
Hotel details

The Ritz-CarltonNaples
The Ritz-Carlton
Echoing its coastal setting, this spa’s Meranthus treatment combines marine minerals, a seafoam-like scrub, and plenty of water (a shower and a tub). The setting—Roman bath meets Florida seaside resort—invites you to cast your cares upon the waves.
Hotel details

The PhoenicianScottsdale, Arizona
The Phoenician
Forget those spas that pamper just your body; the Centre for Well-Being loves you for your mind and your soul. Along with top-drawer spa treatments, you can book astrology, tarot, or chakra-balancing sessions, and visit the Meditation Atrium.
Hotel details

La Costa Resort & SpaCarlsbad, California
La Costa Resort & Spa
For those who expect the grande dame of West Coast spas to be stuffy and old school, prepare to be surprised. An Ayruvedic team—led by the renowned Dr. Deepak Chopra—features Indian-style treatments, and the salon offers feng shui-inspired services.
Hotel details

More Golf And Spa Destinations…


Los Cabos
Marco Island

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