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Celebrities’ Top 10 Golf and Spa Destinations – Sir Richard Branson and Oprah Winfrey

Where do celebrities go when they need a bit of R&R?

When high flying celebrities make movies, they sure hope it will turn out to be a blockbuster hit. And after they are done working really hard in all areas of their lives all year round, they hit their favourite golf and spa destinations and they hit it in style.  Movie actors and music super stars aside, what about the high earning individuals like Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates and all? You bet they holiday in even bigger style.

So, where do this hard working people go to cool off? Here are a couple of them and they most desired spot:

Necker Island, Honolulu

First is Sir Richard Branson’s privately owned island called Necker Island – in the Caribbean; an island he bought a little over 25 years ago.  The island is completely secluded with 74 acres of paradise surrounded by nothing but beautiful crystal clear waters. This business mogul treasures this island as one of his most priced assets and has been spotted on several occasions holidaying there.

Talk about golf and spa destinations and you could see that Branson could easily go to countless of them anytime and in whatever part of the world he wanted. Check out the shot of him riding the waves in the island with a bare naked supermodel on his back. The picture was taken by photographer Stephane Gautronneau while his girlfriend, Denni Parkinson, rode on Branson’s back.

Richard Branson kite surfing With Denni Parkinson on his back in Necker Island

Credit: egotastic.com

Photo: Richard Branson kite surfing With Denni Parkinson on his back in Necker Island.

Portofino, Italy

OK, what about those who can’t afford to buy (or just won’t want to own) own an island? Where would they rather go for their own world class golf and spa holiday experience? That is a bit of a silly question isn’t it? – Especially knowing that there are countless other holiday destinations available out there depending on preference.

For example in the image below, daytime television queen Oprah Winfrey and her good old best friend Gayle King (gold hair, backing the camera) were spotted taking some time off in Portofino, Italy with actor/writer Tyler Perry a little while ago. I bet is class beyond imagination to completely understand what it will be like to be in Oprah’s inner-circle!

Oprah Winfrey, Gayle King and Tyler Perry in Portofino Italy

Photo: Oprah Winfrey, Gayle King and Tyler Perry in Portofino, Italy

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